Inspiration for the GI-7B Socket
June 4, 2007
This socket was removed from an SB-200 that had been gutted and put on 11 meters, then reworked by a ham back to HF and finally retrofitted with a GI-7B by K4POZ. The amp is now being converted to six meters. This socket was number four of only six sockets built by Lawson Summerrow, W4EMF, in 2002 and sent to Ron Wilson, K4POZ. With encouragement from Lawson, Ron built a few sockets. Later, with help from Tony King, W4ZT, the GI-7B socket design evolved into what it is today. It is with much gratitude that we thank Lawson for his ideas, criticisms, and encouragement as we brought his original design to where it is today. I would also like to thank Lawson for his continued support and his use of our sockets in his projects. 73, Tony W4ZT
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